As architects we are entrusted by our clients to create cogent solutions that are guided by the pragmatic and functional constraints of everyday life. It is our mission to create designs that take the commonplace and treat it in an uncommon way, designing spaces enlivened by wit and instilled with spirit. If engineering is the science that defines the limits of what can be constructed, then architecture is the religion we follow to redefine those limits.

Studioj offers a full range of design services that includes master planning, concept design, feasibility studies, schematic design, construction documents, bidding & negotiation, and construction administration services. James Cornetet has extensive experience in the design and development of small and extra large projects that includes the following types of projects: furniture design, interior design, commercial, religious, residential, urban design and institutional projects. Cornetet’s designs have been recognized for his unique ability to not just create beautiful environments, but for producing designs that are innovative in function and use, giving clients an architecture of greater value. This is because rather than offering clients a style, Studioj offers clients a unique process that is capable of making great architecture, regardless of the client’s or architect’s preference of style. It is a core belief of James Cornetet that architecture is a full contact sport that requires client(s), fabricators, and contractors contributing throughout the design process. It is this collaborative process that makes great architecture and eliminates errors and omissions in the field. The work of Studioj thrives on producing architecture that is responsive to the functional needs of our clients, while capturing their imagination with spaces that inspire their spirit. If you have a project or an idea for a project, please contact Studioj for a free consultation.

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