For James Cornetet architecture is merely just one form of expression and communication. Although formerly trained as an architect, Cornetet learned his first computer language at the age of ten, and is a self-taught computer programmer. He is well versed in html, php, java script, action script and is currently experimenting with Arduino scripting as a means of implementing programming and architecture. Through the below websites, and experimentations in physical computing, it is his goal to express and communicate his ideas in code and architecture.

Critique This!
Critique This at the most general level is a blog that is simply about architecture, but more importantly it is about change. The mission of the site is to change how the architectural community discusses and views architecture.

Studio James Cornetet
Studio James Cornetet is a website that documents the work of Professor Cornetet’s students and serves as a record of the evolution of Cornetet’s philosophy on design and teaching pedagogy.

Architecture for Africa
Upon flipping through the pages of the The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture and The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture it became quite evident that the entire continent of Africa lacked the same body of significant architectural works as the other continents of the world. Architecture for Africa is the latest website to be published by James Cornetet. Although the site is still in development, Architecture for Africa is a charity organization established by Cornetet to raise awareness of social, architectural and political conditions in Africa. The charity will accomplish such goals by establishing a scholarship fund for future African architects, fund research that addresses the architectural needs of the African people, and to build structures that meet these needs.

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