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Urban Assemblage

Friday, October 17th, 2008
View PDF of Urban Assemblage as published in florida/caribbean Architect, or read the transcript below:

“In 2007, a design competition was held for emerging professionals that proposed a light rail station in the Sarasota area. The entrants developed plans and three winners were selected. Those winners were invited to attend a training session about light rail facilities and then resubmit their entries.”

“James Cornetet’s design for the light rail station platform is a structure made of poured-in-place concrete and steel frame construction. The project uses extensive green roofing and green wall technology systems. No mechanical systems are necessary as the entire structure is open-air.”

“The jury was impressed with the development of the project from the first stage to the second. The proposal clearly responds to many of the issues raised in the stage one discussion at the conference. The project intensified the role of structure as a spatial organizational device and further integrated the structure into the landscape. The project goes beyond simply sighting a rail station and provides a series of interior and exterior spaces informed by the context and movement of the site”