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Using Animation for Form-Making

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007
View PDF ofUsing Animation for Form-Making as published in in•form•Z, or read the transcript below:

“Studio J is research collaborative that examines the use of experimental geometries in architecture. It is currently working on a variety of architectural competitions and was just awarded a commission to design a seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio. Submission to the evolo skyscraper competition: The design of this skyscraper was created using ONLY the animation features in form•Z 6.0.”

“This project is featured in a book I am currently writing that investigates the strengths of the new animation features in form•Z 6.0. The book is comprised of a dozen or so mini tutorials and a section that outlines the processes used to create the form for the skyscraper, from start to finish. The focus of the book is strictly how animation may be used in architectural form-making.”