Studioj is an interdisciplinary collaborative and the virtual atelier of architect James Cornetet. This studio is signified by the letter J, because it is representative of the principles embedded into the work featured on this site. The letter J is loaded with mathematical symbolism and meaning that lay hidden behind the letter’s seductive form. J is the 10th letter in the English alphabet. The number 10 represents the poetic union of 1 and 0, which in modern computing are symbols that denote on and off, and are the computational building blocks for nearly anything imaginable. In the field of engineering and mathematics, the letter J is representative of the imaginary number Studioj the imaginary number., an abstract concept which is necessary to bring clarity to mathematics. When Eric Gill designed the Gill Sans MT font, he treated the letter J in a manor differently than the rest of the letters in the alphabet, and is the only letter to pierce either the top or bottom horizontal datums. This technique placed an emphasis on the letter J as a graphic and figure. The work featured on Studioj is rooted in computation, simplified through the use of abstract concepts, and always graphic in figure.

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